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Funemployment: I Broke My Porg

My Porg is now mute and I’m pretty sure it’s my fault.


Funemployment: The Plague

I have a head cold. It’s delightfully fun. Also, that’s sarcasm. My head may explode from sinus pressure.

Funemployment: Week One

“You’re just having a really kick-ass fall break.” – Former Naptown teammate This past weekend, I posted a picture at… Read more Funemployment: Week One


Funemployment Day 3: The Wu-Tang Clan

‘Tis best not to f**k with the Wu-Tang Clan. Or, so I’ve heard. Yesterday, I had lunch with two friends.… Read more Funemployment Day 3: The Wu-Tang Clan


Funemployment Day 1: Trophy Wife

  Once upon a time, many moons ago, my college best friend and I concocted what seemed to be a… Read more Funemployment Day 1: Trophy Wife



“I am going to make it through this year if it kills me” – The Mountain Goats “This Year” We’re… Read more 2016


Three Seasons Later…

My third season skating as a Naptown Roller Girl is complete. I bouted for the Third Alarm multiple times and… Read more Three Seasons Later…


Me and Hillary

Storytime! Gather ’round the internet campfire, grab some popcorn or booze, and prepare yourself for a true tale. The year was… Read more Me and Hillary


The Anxiety Trap

I’m in it right now. It’s like a crab trap, complete with the feeling like I could be boiled alive… Read more The Anxiety Trap


The Sports Bra Shuffle

Honking is for ducks.