Funemployment: The Plague

When I got laid off in 2013, my husband lugged me kicking and screaming to the oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth extracted. While great for my waistline, I was otherwise miserable.

Here I am, laid off again in 2017. This time, I have what I am lovingly referring to as the “Jiu-Jitsu Plague,” meaning it spread through our school like a preschool chicken pox party. Did I mention I attended one of those just as they were coming into fashion at age 4? Good times, good times.

My husband keeps telling me this is the best time to be ill because I can rest.

I don’t want to rest! I want to work, exercise, and breathe through my nose!

I mean, are these things too much to ask?

Eh, well, I took plenty of zinc and Emergen-C. Contrary to popular belief, I am resting (and continuing to apply for jobs).

By the way, today is #WorldMentalHealthDay. I live with depression and anxiety. If you’re like me, be kind to yourself. Self-care is important. Your support network is important.

Know that I am here for you too.




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