Funemployment Day 3: The Wu-Tang Clan

‘Tis best not to f**k with the Wu-Tang Clan. Or, so I’ve heard.

Yesterday, I had lunch with two friends. During that time, one told me the tale of her time buying certain not-quite-legal substances from current and former members of the aforementioned Wu-Tang Clan. I think this predates their time in financial consulting, but the details are a bit hazy.


As we sat talking and laughing about my friend’s run-ins with the Wu-Tang Clan, it gave me a startling realization:

I am surrounded by truly phenomenal people.

I mean, this isn’t completely shocking. The people who have come in to and gone out of my life are so completely amazing that it humbles me. They all have amazing stories about their lives and it blows my mind just how lucky I am.

Life is finite. We must take advantage of every opportunity thrown our way, both good and bad.

Yes, this is an gooey, feel-good blog post. It’s been a rough week thus far. I felt everyone could use a good pick-me-up. Nothing brings cheer like the late, great Ol’ Dirty Bastard.


On another note, I’m starting #WorkSampleWednesday. Today’s piece is a case study I wrote for Fat Atom Marketing, focusing on client work we did for Indiana Limestone Company:


Devour, enjoy, be good to each other, and remember: Wu Tang is for the children!



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