“I am going to make it through this year if it kills me” – The Mountain Goats “This Year”

We’re almost to the end of the year. It began with David Bowie passing off this mortal coil, immediately followed by my Dad doing the same and a whole mess of other bad shit happening.

A couple days ago, a friend asked what good things happened this year. It couldn’t have been a total loss right?

They’re right and I felt here was the right place to express my gratitude for the good stuff that did go down with me this year.

  1. Ran two half-marathons: While some might view this as a negative or punishment, I relished the opportunity to shave six minutes from May to early November. I ran several other shorter races, but these two were particularly special. In May of 2015, my father said he thought I could run 13.1 miles and why wouldn’t I want to run around the most famous race course in the world? While he did not live to see me cross the finish line, I knew he was with me, particularly at the most grueling parts of the race (the last mile, where you suddenly feel like you’re scaling Mount Everest and damn, there best be a cookie with that finisher medal and OMG, my legs hurt).
  2. MVP Jammer: On the night before Father’s Day, the opposing team awarded me MVP Jammer. It was unexpected, after a frustrating year of clawing my way to the next level. It made a weekend of two wins with my team even sweeter and made the day a little easier to handle.
  3. All those shows: Upside of grief is it reminds you to do the things you love. That includes, at least for me, going to concerts. I finally saw Lush (after a 24-year wait), The Cure (for the sixth time), several outstanding tribute bands, the Lil Bub band, and Andrew WK’s speaking tour. He is a delightful human being. 15000832_10153976577847411_1401409757163828000_o
  4. Changed Jobs: After three years, my time with Bambi’s Fist came to an end. I now have a job I love with coworkers I adore who treat me with respect. They trust my judgment and let me be me and do what I do. I have not been this happy professionally in many years. This is mostly where I write these days.
  5. Back on the Radio: A friend approached me this past fall about co-hosting a show on WITT 91.9. We began our hour-long broadcasts and it rekindled my love of radio. Not so much that I’d go back to it professionally, but this fulfills that need. Every Wednesday from 6-7 PM, Russ and I “play songs and tell stories.” It is wonderful!
  6. My Love: I would not have survived this year without the love and support of my husband Michael. He allowed me to carry around a stuffed teddy bear, took me to wine country in Southwest Michigan two days after my Dad died, and loves me for me. He is my champion and my family. I’ve never loved anyone more.15178992_10154010085322411_5108815828686177850_n
  7. Frands: I was so lucky to have the support network I do as I dealt with my Dad’s passing and my Mom’s suicide attempt at the end of January. Phone calls, cards, texts, emails-I never felt completely alone.

So, yes, it was sort-of a dumpster fire of a year overall. But, all we can do is hope for something better next year.





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