As the tributes to Prince poured out of my radio on the way home from work yesterday, the DJ (former MTV VJ Mark Goodman) said, “2016 will be remembered as the year so many great musicians died.” Great musicians and icons have left us. Prince, Bowie, Glen Frey, Lemmy at the end of 2015, the list grows ever-longer.

Well, yes, and I lost a parent whose musical knowledge was still expanding, even as his body was failing.

We are constantly reminded that death is a certainty (unless you’re Keith Richards — we’re still not sure about that). Our time here is so finite that we should not be spending it stressed or sad or worried. Too bad so many of us do, myself included.

Hence, the hashtag #2016wontbreakus.

Despite the grief I’ve suffered personally, there have been bright spots. I am playing roller derby at a higher level and I have a job I adore and look forward to doing every day. My friends make me laugh to the point of tears and I have a husband who makes me smile every day.

So legends have left the mortal coil. Thankfully, they also left us great music and videos and things we can share for future generations.

Dry your tears and lift your heads. Blast some “Let’s Go Crazy” or “Let’s Dance” or “Ace of Spades.” Remember to celebrate every day, even if you are battling strife or grief or just want a nap.




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