2016 Plan

In college, I had a super-bitchin’ “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” planner.  I used it voraciously my senior year of college, as I had plenty of homework, extracurricular stuff, and a part-time reporting job.  It stayed in the front pocket of my backpack and is currently sitting in the underground bunker known as my parent’s basement.

Over time, I’ve tried to adapt and put everything on my phone.  That hasn’t exactly worked as well as I had hoped.  Plus, my phone can’t really be a place to store notes because half the time, I forget I wrote something there in the first place.  The burdens of being borderline middle-aged, I suppose.

I bought a new 2016 planner, vowing to return to my old ways to keep track of everything I have to do and everywhere I need to be.  It arrived last week and I marveled at the size of the spaces for each day.

It then occurred to me that I could use that space for more than just writing down derby practice times.  In a time where I’m struggling to remain positive, I started writing down good things or something that made me smile on those blank lines.  It’s a small thing, but can act as a pick-me-up on those days I have the blues.  These aren’t even things I have to share with the world–just little reminders that there is hope.

There is good in people.  Good things do happen.  Depression can be beaten, one sentence at a time.






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