Those A**holes at Taco Bell

When you eat a gluten-free diet, your options for fast food while inebriated are limited.  You either cheat and consume something you will regret 12-16 hours later when it reaches your intestines or you starve and go to bed with the room spinning.

Then, there’s Taco Bell.  It is a fair bet a run for the border can be had at any given time of the evening or early morning.  Most Taco Bells keep extensive hours for those working the graveyard shift or for folks with the munchies.  They have many corn-based options as well.

Except for whoever runs the one closest to my house.

I run past it at least once a week and, by all accounts, it is open.  But, if you’re looking for the Fritos Locos taco at 2:00 am, you best look somewhere else.  Because it closes at 10:00 pm.  Yes, you read  that right.  A Taco Bell that closes before midnight.

It’s as much an anomaly as a black rose–super rare.

I lived in a neighborhood close to bars and other happening places for several years.  The nearest Taco Bell kept extensive early morning hours, even prior to them entering the highly-competitive breakfast market. Popping by at 3:00 am seemed like a foregone conclusion.

I don’t believe it is too much to ask those assholes at Taco Bell to conform to all the other stores and stay open until the wee hours.



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