Multiple Multi-Tasking

It’s the time of year when I bite off more than I can chew.  Fate is not helping my quest to close my squirrel-esque cheeks.  After a weekend of weather similar to April, I arrived home from work Monday to find my house on par with my office–cold and requiring extra layers.  “Do you think it’s cold in here,” I asked my husband after dinner.  He nodded.  “Yeah, I thought I turned the heat back on this morning.”  He then checked the thermostat and uttered a word rhyming with “cluck.”

The furnace had not kicked on.  Upon further inspection, it appeared to have a blown fuse.  My husband dashed to the Auto Zone around the corner and I went on with my plan to watch “Doctor Who” and run on the treadmill.  A small box of fuses and much vulgarity later, we determined it was perhaps best to have a professional come examine our furnace/heat pump system.  Since I have colleagues at present that are younger than the system (23 years young), we felt perhaps it would be time for an upgrade.

Turns out, we were right–the whole system needs to be replaced and it’s going to cost an arm and a leg.  HVAC Service reps are lined up at our house with hacksaws and have promised us 3-D printer faux limbs in exchange for something new.

As I waited for my husband and the second HVAC guy to come in and tell me the less than stellar news, I busied myself with some impromptu plyo while shopping on Amazon for last-minute gifts.  I put my phone into the pocket of my hoodie while I propped my Ipad on the kitchen counter to surf.

As I hopped from one foot to the other, I heard a “thud” below my feet, followed immediately by a crunching similar to broken glass.  I looked down to see my phone laying face down on the tile.  From the back, it looked fine.

I flipped it over and confirmed my worst fears—the screen had cracked into an artful and potentially dangerous mirror.  I waited until after we got the estimate for a new heating system and calmly told my husband I needed a new screen.  He took a piece of packing tape and temporarily fixed my phone.

The lesson learned here is perhaps I was trying to over multi-task.  I am of the belief I can do everything at once and be successful.  Perhaps I should be more careful to not use two different electronic devices while doing baby plyo workouts in the future.





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