Gross Stuff People Throw On the Ground

When I run, I settle into a trance-like state.  My mind wanders between the past and the present.  Sometimes, I think of ideas for this blog, what I’m going to do when I get home, a nice shower, TV, cookies, and other assorted random stuff.  It’s quiet time.

However, it often gets interrupted by the nasty crap people leave on the paths I choose.  This is not a metaphor–this is nasty in the literal sense.  I’ve lost count of the number of times a filled/used diaper has been on the path.  Okay, I get it–full diapers are a not-so-special treat.  But, if you make and have a baby, it’s your responsibility to clean up after it until such time it is able to potty on its own.  Which includes proper disposal of plastic underwear filled with human feces.

I also see a fair mount of goose droppings and have stepped in the green/black/brown before.  Good times.

Along the same lines,  I’ve also nearly stepped on a handful of used condoms.  One of the many trails I take runs along the outside border of Eagle Creek Park near the Colts complex.  I have seen a number of deer families grazing on grass and staring at me.  I’d like to think they aren’t judging my speed or outfit.

The presence of used prophylactics leads me to believe that people are either copulating in their vehicles or taking their chances with the woods and the aforementioned deer.  Animals eating rubbers are a bad thing.  The only positive in this is that condoms don’t emit a foul odor for the most part.

I am also delighted at the site of rotting food.  We live near a myriad of fast food options, so this is potentially to be expected.  Yesterday, it was ketchup leaking out of a bag like an oozing wound.  Often, it’s food that has been trampled on or run over by passing vehicles.  Couple that with a rather warm summer and the smell is on par with a corpse.

I love running outside and will be sad when the weather shifts into the darkness of winter.  Meantime, let’s all pick up after ourselves.  The planet and my running paths are not your personal dumpster.




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