I Need a Lite Brite!

Image from Pinterest--it's high art

When I tell my husband I “need” something, it is often countered with, “that’s nice honey” and a roll of the eyes.

But, no, really–I need a Lite Brite as my new lamp for my bed.

Now, for those of you who don’t recall this magical toy, it would let you create art on black paper using little colored knobs.  My Mom snagged me one from a garage sale and it took weeks to track down the correct light bulb to put in the toy to accurately light it while not creating some sort of fire hazard.

Two weeks ago, my beloved $10 IKEA reading lamp (which is named Gungel or something) snapped.  Not in the “lost its mind and ran off to thrash the other lamps” kind-of way.  But, in the “bulb holder came off the metal pole” type of way.


My husband has never been a fan of my reading lamp because he feels the need to fall asleep before I do and in complete darkness.  This does not help me to drift off because I like to read and calm my ever-racing mind down.

I decided I needed a Lite Brite because it would be a muted light.  I can still see without my contacts or glasses and my husband wouldn’t have to cover his bed with a blanket.  Plus, cool shapes!  How can you go wrong?

Oh, and Happy Wednesday!  Yes, I’ve taken a couple days off because I’ve been going to jiu-jitsu.  I get to skate tonight!

Also, always watch the sunsets….this month’s have been spectacular!


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