Happy Monday!

So, I skipped a couple days, but it was merely because I was pretty busy!

A couple reasons to be happy on this Monday morning:
1. Halloween is a couple weeks away.
2. I finished the Indianapolis Marathon 5K, which is 50% uphill, in under 30 minutes Saturday morning.
3. Running in the cold isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
4. At least the Saints won Thursday night.
5. A friend from jiu-jitsu and I concocted a fun new business idea–Chips and Frosting.  It was late, we were scooping chips into the frosting of an Angel Food cake, and it came to us.  People would love this, despite it being patently unhealthy.  Then again, we could probably get vegan/gluten-free frosting easy enough.  Or veggie chips.  Either way, if you’ve ever had PMS, you understand the craving of salty and sweet.


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