Happy Friday!

I took yesterday off, although it was a pretty great day!  I received my first stripe on my Brazilian jiu-jitsu white belt.  It was quite a surprise honestly.

Things that make me smile today:
1. Taking time away from my work computer–as I’m flying solo in my department until Wednesday, I’ve been working more or less non-stop.  I will be taking a break tonight and all day tomorrow.  Sure, I’ll put in time Sunday to keep everything where it should be, but a small respite is still a respite.
2. So excited to run the Indianapolis Marathon 5K tomorrow morning!  I ran this same race two years ago for my first timed event, so it has a special place in my heart.
3. Even more excited to lace up my skates tomorrow afternoon at an open scrimmage.  It’s been a few weeks since I last laced up to do more than just footwork in my garage.  I’ve kind-of missed my skates and semi-stinky pads.
4. This play last night during the Saints-Falcons game.  The same play that ignited the region after Hurricane Katrina a decade ago.  Even sweeter, Steve Gleason was on the sidelines to see it happen.


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