Happy October 12th!

Before I post the little nuggets that brought me a bit of joy today, I want to clarify something–the purpose of this blog is to keep me motivated and to keep things in perspective.

Right now, things are challenging for me emotionally on a number of different fronts.  Not a lot is coming together the way it used to.  That’s okay–I’ve felt and been through worse.  This too shall pass.

That’s why I write down the little things.  I need a reminder about the good things I do have in my life at times when I am frustrated, angry, or just sad.  Maybe it’s just little things, but those are what give me hope.

Without further adieu…

1. Connected my sword-wielding teammate with “The View” this morning.  Say what you will about the show, but getting the word out is priceless.

2. My coworkers who helped get SalesForce moving today.  Happiness is being able to do your work!   

 3. I get to skate tomorrow night.  


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