Happy October 9th!

Still chugging, even after my Dad made a brief trip to the hospital yesterday.  Just posting these gives me renewed energy and hope for the future that something better is out there for me.

  1. Canada’s “Language Arts” — This is a band out of Toronto I discovered while bobbing along to CBC Radio 3 this week in the car.  Very New Wave/80s techno-pop.  I strongly recommend the track “Neighbour.”
  2. “Benedict Cumberbatch is like Alan Rickman Benjamin Buttoning.” – Jenny Lawson.  This quote is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard, especially as a pretty die-hard Cumber…collective member.
  3. While I fretted over my father’s health yesterday, he’s alive and well at present.  I get more time to spend with him. Last night, we gabbed on the phone and we talked about me seeing The Cure this coming June.  He laughed as I explained why we refer to lead singer Robert Smith as “Fat Uncle Bob” and then we talked about the Sirius Channel the Loft.  He seemed in good spirits, despite his current prognosis.
Cumberbatch for life.
Cumberbatch for life.

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