Happy October 7th!

  1. Yesterday, I received a hand-made postcard in the mail from my dear friend April.  It was such a thoughtful gesture and it’s nice to receive something more exciting than my HSA benefits statement and coupons to cheap restaurants in the mail!
  2. I just started reading Jenny Lawson’s “Furiously Happy.” I feel like these daily posts tie into the central theme of her book.  I refuse to let depression and anxiety beat me or keep me from enjoying the simplest aspects of life.  I deny asshole thoughts, feelings, and people!
  3. I cancelled my Outsource.com account.  Dear reader, I’m sure you’re asking yourself why I would cancel a membership to a freelance writing website where I could get writing jobs.  It’s really quite simple–I am not paying money for the potential to make money.  The more I learn about this so-called freelancing aid, the more I firmly believe it’s a straight-up scam.  You can’t put bids in for jobs unless you’ve paid them a membership fee that costs around the same as my Sirius/XM subscription.  Quite frankly, I’m getting significantly more out of that. Furthermore, if someone really digs my work, I am pretty easy to find and I lack any sort of middle man.  Therefore, I am hireable without the use of some pseudo-shady website with membership fees.  This cancellation also clears my email of ridiculous amounts of job bids I can’t get into because I won’t pay this website a dime.

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