Female Journalists Barred from Locker Room

I’ll post my Happy October 5th stuff later in the day…it’s too early to list positive items as of now.

However, this has me quite stunned.

Three female journalists were temporarily barred from going into the Colts locker room yesterday in Jacksonville, Florida.

First of all, most female journalists with any level of experience and professionalism won’t care what’s being flashed in a locker room.  Common sense dictates sweaty football players going in and out of the shower and getting dressed post-game.

Yes, there is nudity.  We’re all adults here and it’s not like these women are looking for some sort of peep show.

Did I mention the large pile of disgusting, humanity-soaked jerseys in a laundry bin?  I’d deem that as way more offensive, as the smell is on par with a pile of dead carcasses on the side of a Texas highway.

Second of all, an usher was the one who reportedly halted these women from doing their jobs, saying, “you know how guys are.”

I play two different sports and, newsflash:  women are no different.  I’ve changed clothes and inadvertently flashed my teammates on a number of occasions.  It happens.  We’re grown adults and it’s not like we don’t know what genitalia looks like.

Third of all, as someone who has had to do post-game locker room interviews for professional football and basketball, this is truly not a big deal.  So, yes, I’ve interviewed guys in towels.  The experience couldn’t be less titillating if it tried to be.

Finally, I’ve seen professional athletes naked.  Guess what? It’s not any different than seeing anyone else naked, with the possible exception of the people being far taller than I am.

To that usher, female sports reporters are just trying to do their jobs, towels or no towels.  They already “know how guys are” because they do this for a living.  I would wonder if the male reporters were given the same rundown upon trying to enter the locker rooms because “you know how guys are.”

Oh, 2015–stop trying to be 1975.


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