Pain Is Temporary

On a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon, I found myself doing tricep dips off the side of a wooden bench at our practice space.  My hands were drenched with sweat, meaning my grip was not the greatest.

Across and next to me, I heard my teammates grunting and groaning.  We were all working through the pain.

I then yelled, “pain is temporary ladies!”

The thing is, for anyone who plays sports or works out, pain is truly temporary.  It is often replaced with a feeling of accomplishment or it dissipates like shin splints after running for months on end.

At the same time, everyone knows someone who is dealing with some level of physical pain all of the time who cannot do as such.  Both of my parents aren’t in great physical shape (my Dad has a cancerous tumor hanging out next to his stomach).  My friend’s son has cancerous tumors on his spine, which create chronic pain.

I thought about how lucky we all were to be able to move and do this work-out, even if it felt like a struggle at the time.

I yelled out, “we are blessed to be able to do this!”  In the midst of sweat dripping into my eyes and blurring my vision, we collectively powered through.

At the end, high-fives came all around.  I felt very lucky to be able to move and do Russian twists, tricep dips, fast feet, and squat jumps.

When you’re in the midst of a tough workout or a game, think about how you got to where you are and why you must enjoy the moment.  Your body won’t move this way forever.


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