Treading Lightly

The first of September is here and I’m wondering how long the fickle Midwest weather will cooperate for my running/training schedule.

I am also debating the idea of running in the mornings.

Unfortunately, that would mean treadmill time.

I’m going back and forth on this particular issue.

Do I want to wake before the sun rises and catch up on old episodes of “Alias” while on a machine?  I would choose this route purely for safety reasons.

Or, would I just rather risk a chill, break out the fleece-lined tights, and run in the evenings?

My fellow runners, I’d like your opinions on the matter.  I have a 10K at the end of the month, a 5K and 6K near the end of next month (one ON Halloween).  Not to mention, the Mini-Marathon looms in May of next year.


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