School for Rejects

I am refraining from posting the screen captures of a conversation I had via email with the head of a local PR firm who felt my skills weren’t up to par this morning.

She sent me a rejection for a job I applied for within the last few days, claiming I diverged “considerably” from their vision.

The word “disappointed” was used again.

I decided it was high time to respond to one of these and explained how I felt bad she was missing out from a wealth of journalism and PR experience (not to mention three awards and two mayoral proclamations for my derby league).  After 11 years in Indy, I feel like I know a few things.

Why did I respond, you ask?  Call it curiosity.

Call it my need to ask what would be so wrong with having someone like me.  It’s the question that’s been at the back of my mind for more than four years, to be honest.

I then got called “unprofessional and aggressive” and that “PR and journalism are two different things.”  I also was informed that my materials would not be forwarded to other interested parties in town because of my decision to reply.

I told her that I learned PR from being a journalist.  Seems not a far leap yeah?  I also told her to have a lovely day.

I thought the goal of PR was to be be aggressive when trying to tell a good story and getting the word out.

I’ve been known to be wrong.

In the meantime, it turns out my derby wife (definition–the girl who always has your back on and off the track) is now a hero.  She helped catch a serial flasher.

Yes, my derby wife helped track down an alleged criminal!

Not too bad for someone with no PR vision.
Not too bad for someone with no PR vision.

One thing we learn in derby is to be fearless and trust our friends and instincts.  I could apply this to the email conversation I had this morning.

This person made me feel like a leper and made it sound like she’d even go out of her way to badmouth me.  She doesn’t even know me.  Has the world become that petty?

You want something publicized or written? I’ll not only do it, but I’ll make it grand and get people to care.  I’ll get it out before a deadline and probably try to make it funny (if possible).  I’ve been told throughout my career that I’m hard-working, clever, creative, and thoughtful.  I even had a manager tell me I was the “best hire she’d made in a decade.”


Since writing this, the person in question responded to me and I told her I hoped she at least could appreciate my “gumption.”  She gave me a better explanation of why I wasn’t qualified, which is cool.

I still believe the right fit is out there.


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