People Who Need a Reality Check: Vol. I

Me at age 31.
Me at age 31.

People who say, “30 is old.”

These are the same people who haven’t realized the fun of things like disposable income, paying off your car, and having a stronger sense of identity.

See, those are things that generally happen after you turn 30.

In your 20s, you are still taking baby steps into adulthood.

Sure, people get married and have kids in their 20s.  But, you’re still in that somewhat in-between state of your teens and your 30s.

I spent my 20s living in another part of the country and forging a very strong career as a journalist.  My 20s is the decade I will spend the most time on in the memoir I still plan to write.

My parents waited to have their lone child (hi there) until their mid-30s. The perk was that they’d spent the previous decade just being a married couple, getting higher education, and traveling a little.  My Dad was also slated for a tour in Vietnam, but ended up not going due to a broken leg/waiting several days to go to the doctor because it was “not that bad.”

So, instead of dreading the new decade, how about embracing it?  Humans are living well into their 80s and 90s, meaning your life still has a long time to go.

Sincerely, someone closer to 40 than you are


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