Small Problems

My last growth spurt was 1992.

Which means I reached my large stature of 5’1.75″ as a 14-year-old.

Honey badgers are small too.
Honey badgers are small too.

Yes, that was sarcasm for those of you keeping score at home.

As of late, I’ve taken flack for being small.  I am not a large person, so how could I possibly be as strong as those with more inches on them?

I am well aware that I have to work twice as hard as those who are closing in on six feet or taller in every sport I play. My running stride isn’t as long, I have to use a special strategy for Brazilian JiuJitsu, and I’ve been told I’ll never be a “strong blocker” because I finished my growth spurt before I had a driver’s license.

Am I cursed?  Hardly!

Being lower to the ground gives me a myriad of advantages, including being able to tackle someone at the mid-section.  I successfully did a Fireman’s Carry with an 120-lb. woman.

I might come up to an opposing blocker’s chest, but she almost never sees the little person coming when she’s stuck behind me or gets popped.  Also, few things bring me as much pleasure as forcing a low block penalty on a blocker when I’m jamming.

Instead of assuming I’m not worthy of the title of “Bad Ass” because much of the world towers over me, why don’t you look down and see who is passing you instead?

Florida is too tall for me I guess.
Florida is too tall for me I guess.

So, I’m never going to grow up in the physical sense.  That’s okay–I still kick ass!


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