5 Reasons to Run Now

Not right this second, of course.  Unless, you’re free or bored.

1. It’s a relatively cheap form of exercise–essentially, all you need is yourself and a pair of decent running shoes.  Heck, I started running on a well-worn pair of Nikes I bought at Goodwill because I couldn’t afford brand-new tennis shoes at the time.  You can also run pretty much anywhere that isn’t in the middle of a busy road.

2. It relieves stress–with a simple pound of the pavement, I felt my anger over my divorce in 2009 lift away.  I was enraged and had no true outlet for what I was going through, mentally and physically.  So, I took off down the street.  No matter how terrible my day is, I always feel better after a run. Even a mile helps lift my mood.

8K3. You don’t have to be fast for a good workout–by taking steps, you’re moving.  That burns calories, whether you’re an Olympic-level sprinter or just jogging.  You’re in motion.  My top speed is maybe 7 mph because I’m short and my stride isn’t long.  I can’t keep a 7 mph pace at present.  I’m closer after running on and off for six years, but chances are good I won’t get much faster.  That’s okay–I’m still burning a lot of calories and building endurance for other activities.

4. You don’t have to speak to anyone–this is the best thing if you’re an introvert.  Running time is alone time.  My earphones are firmly planted in my ears, my Iphone playlist is on, and my shades are perched on my face.  It’s like a giant “Do Not Disturb” sign.  I also use the time to brainstorm and just relax.

Unless you’re this guy. In which case, all bets are off.

5. What will you do when the zombie apocalypse happens? That’s right-run!  No one wants to be bitten and spend eternity feasting on the brain matter of their friends.  Zombies don’t move particularly fast, meaning your best option is to hustle your feet and move.

Have I convinced you yet?


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