Fly Me Courageous

Watching the ESPYs generally doesn’t require a giant box of Kleenex.

Unless you watched last night’s awards show, in which case, many onions were cut in front of my face.

The story of Cincinnati Bengal Devon Still and his five-year-old daughter Leah was beautiful and sad.  Leah is continuing to fight cancer, despite being in remission.

Childhood cancer is the worst of the worst.  There is no greater hell on Earth, especially if you’re the parent aiding your child in the fight.

My friend Elizabeth Carris knows a thing or two about this particular topic, as her five-year-old son Adler has brain cancer.  She and her husband Aaron are two of the strongest people I know.  Stronger than I think I could ever be if faced with the same circumstances.

She and Adler talk superheroes and are both excellent dancers.

The Carris family recently learned that Adler’s tumors had begun to shrink, thanks to a rigorous chemotherapy treatment.

But, their fight–much like the Still family-will go on.

No child should have to learn hard life lessons when they should be learning simple things like their home phone number.


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